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Press and Publications

Journalists in national and local newspapers, magazines, and books and on radio and television have documented Dr. Henkin’s work since 1959. A few of the media in which these articles appeared are listed. Please contact us for the most recent press specifics.


  • “Taste and Smell Following Traumatic Brain Injury”. Sponsored by Brain Injury Association of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, July 28, 2015. A presentation by Dr. Robert Henkin to the staff from the University of Maryland Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Institute.


  • “Smell loss after head injury” A seminar presented by Dr. Robert Henkin at the Brain Injury Association of Maryland (BIAM) Conference on March 20, 2014.


  • “Unlocking the mysteries of taste and smell dysfunction.” A clinical seminar presented by Dr. Robert Henkin for scientific and medical staff at Rockefeller University, New York, NY on September 12, 2012.

  • “Taste and smell dysfunction in the United States. The role of otolaryngologists.” Otolaryngology Meeting, Chicago, IL, October 2012. A clinical seminar and presentation by Dr. Robert Henkin for otolaryngologists regarding taste and smell physiology and treatment.

  • “Demystifying Medicine - Taste: good and bad”. A presentation by Dr. Robert Henkin at the National Institutes of Health on February 21, 2012 regarding taste and smell loss. (Search for presentation by date. Click on the red 'f' icon to view.)